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Ok, so now I'm a believer.

I am writing Jil to thank you profusely for your outstanding work on the complex graphic art presentations for our recent litigation trial victory.


As we previously discussed by telephone, we not only won the case outright after about three hours of jury deliberations, (and got an award of damages in favor of our counterclaim) but also got strong juror feedback on the excellence and visual presusaiveness of your work on the two key timelines/chronologies which we presented during closing arguments. Fortunately, the judge also permitted us to send smaller copies of each of those chronologies out with the jury during deliberations, and I have no doubt they were the two key pieces of evidence which the jurors carefully reviewed during their deliberations. The foreperson of the jury even asked for copies of these exhibits after the trial, which I later sent to him.

Perhaps the strongest compliment came from opposing counsel, laywers with the law firm of Helms, Mullis and Wicker who wanted your company's name and address after unsuccessuly resisting our efforts to use our illustrations and put them in evidence.


Although I know we went through a fairly large number of drafts and revisions, the ultimate work product was absolutely outstanding and I would not hesitate to recommend and work with Litigation Presentation in the future. I hope you will freely use my name as a reference and thank you again for oustanding work.  Incidentally, everything arrived on time and found its way to us.

Again, Jil my thanks for turning your focused attention to this assignment on relatively short notice. The results certainly speak for themselves and our client and we are extremely grateful.

Alston & Bird

Jud Graves

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Her number is 770.451.1122, if you need help.

Based on the recommendation of a few of you, Kristy Brown and I recently used Jil Wyland at

Litigation Presentation to help us prepare a number of demonstratives for a mock jury trial in a technical accounting case. Jil was fast, responsive and creative and the demonstratives were very well received by the 36 mock jurors and client. Her number is 770.451.1122, if you need help.

Alston & Bird

Mike Kenny

Since this recommendation 17 years ago, LitPres has worked with

10 practice groups at 5 Alston & Bird locations on over 80 matters

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


. . . we look forward to continuing our relationship into the future. 

In 2003 the Litigation Group within Michelin North America, Inc. began a national search for a trial presentation firm to work with us on a continuing basis in preparing presentation materials for mediations and trials, primarily in product liability matters. In consultation with the outside regional counsel who represent us, this search culminated in the selection of Jil Wyland and Litigation Presentation, Inc. We were initially swayed by our evaluation of the expected cost, responsiveness, and work quality of the team at Litigation Presentation, and our choice has been validated by our experience working with LP over the years. 

The stability of our ongoing relationship and solid knowledge of our people and their needs have been key to our successful experience. Our outside attorneys have been particularly complimentary on the responsiveness and quality of the presentation materials produced. 

The ability of LP to post images in a secure area on their web site for viewing by us, our outside attorneys, and other members of our team in any location has proven to be a very useful technical strength as materials are prepared, often with short lead times and last minute changes. 

We asked LP to develop a means for us to digitally archive in a searchable form the images, references, and other materials that we have used in our matters. We worked with the team to develop the parameters for storing information in the archive and have successfully populated with materials. Such an archive has been valuable to us in our preparations for current and future presentations streamlining efficiency. 

In summary, our experience with Litigation Presentation, Inc. has been excellent, and we look forward to continuing our relationship into the future. 

Michelin North America

Mac McClain

Senior Technical Advisor, Litigation Group

Since the beginning of the working relationship 18 years ago

LitPres has worked with 5 external firms on over 100 matters representing Michelin North America

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